An Exclusive Reveal of Princess Celestia’s ‘My Little Pony: The Movie’ Figure

by Forbes

It’s now less than a month until My Little Pony: The Movie comes to North American theaters on October 6. To commemorate the upcoming film, Hasbro has announced a limited-edition figure of Equestria’s monarch, Princess Celestia.

The figure, called My Little Pony: The Movie Glitter And Glow Princess Celestia, features translucent wings, gold glitter, and four different glowing LED light patterns. The eight-inch-tall doll will be available in limited quantities at Hascon.

Princess Celestia comes with a tiara, necklace, and comb for brushing her multicolored curls, is appropriate for ages three and up, and will retail at $19.99.

Officially, this Princess Celestia figure will not be on store shelves until Spring 2018. But at Hascon’s “See Now, Buy Now” event, a limited amount of products will be available for purchase at the convention, including a select number of Princess Celestia figures.