William Shatner, Felicia Day Pony Up for ‘Friendship Is Magic’ S7

by Animation Magazine

The mid-season premiere of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic will feature some very special celebrity guest voices to usher in the next 15 all-new half-hour episodes, starting on Discovery Family on Saturday, August 5 at 11:30 a.m. (10:30 C). Fans who tune in for the premiere will get to meet new characters voiced by screen icon William Shatner and Felicia Day, star of Supernatural. Beyond broadcast, new episodes of the Hasbro Studios show will stream live and on demand on Discovery Family GO.


In the back-to-back mid-season premiere episodes “Discordant Harmony” and “The Perfect Pear,” Discord invites Fluttershy to his realm for tea but worries she won’t be comfortable and begins to change it (and himself) with disastrous results. Immediately following at noon (11 a.m. C), William Shatner guest stars as “Grand Pear” and Felicia Day as “Pear Butter” in a “Romeo and Juliet” inspired love story that spans multiple pony generations when the Apple siblings learn about their parents, and discover that they’re half Pear!

Throughout the second half of season 7, Pharynx learns that love is a strength and not a weakness, Twilight Sparkle battles the Pony of Shadows, famous author A.K. Yearling teases a new novel, the Cutie Mark Crusaders learn that nothing is impossible with courage and strength, and more.

Plus, leading up to International Friendship Day (July 30), Discovery Family is inviting young viewers and their guardians to vote for their favorite MLP friendships each week, Friday through Wednesday, at discoveryfamilychannel.com and on Facebook @DiscFamily. The most voted-for BFFs will be spotlighted every Friday afternoon with back-to-back episodes at 4 p.m. (3 p.m. C).

Launched in 2010, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is produced by Hasbro Studios for Discovery Family. Stephen Davis is the executive producer for Hasbro.


William Shatner, Felicia Day Pony Up for ‘Friendship Is Magic’ S7