Pound Puppies
Pound Puppies
Pound Puppies

About the Show

Join our intrepid team of fearless dogs on their mission to find homes for puppies in need fulfilling their motto of ‘a pup for every person and person for every pup’. The Pound Puppies appear to be ‘average dogs’, keeping the humans who are running Shelter 17 in the dark, while helping ‘dog kind’ to find loving homes and families. Once you’re a Pound Puppy, you’re always a Pound Puppy!

Series Overview

Production: 2011
Demographic Target: 4 to 9 years old
Format: 39 episodes X 22 minutes
Rights Availability: contact sales team

Production Team

Author: Paul Germain, Joe Ansolabehere, Wendy Moss Klein & Nanacy Steingard
Director: Rich Weston
Producer: Hasbro Studios

For more information, please contact the International Sales team at internationalsales@hasbro.com